Crash Retrieval Alien Craft

As crash-retrievals play a part of the New Earth Miniseries, it is worthy to show some photographs relating to it.

Note that not all claims made by others who also exhibit these photos are made by the author here. For example, there are two photographs here that relate to the Roswell crash. There is the photograph of the crashed saucer in black and white, and the photograph of it being wheeled into what appears to be an air-force base. The saucers in these two photographs do not match. Thus the separate claims that they must be from the same Roswell incident do not match. Obviously the first photograph shows a very damaged craft, while the second shows a smaller craft in tact. This does not mean they both cannot be real photographs.

Furthermore, it is acknowledged that perhaps not all the other photos are what they seem to be either. However, as such phenomena is also in the New Earth Miniseries, it is presented here, as it served as inspiration in book five, The Silent Enemy.

The Russian photographs come from a film made of a supposed retrieval in 1969. There would be many reels of this film of this incident, if it were true. So far the only film is this one, which is supposedly a public relations type film by the KGB. One of the alien autopsies is also part of this film. The author first viewed this film in Tokyo in 1998.

However, looking at the still photos of the scene, the craft is only half a craft. Plus, from the side the disc shaped object, which is really just half a disk, looks very primitive. Almost bulky looking. It is very interesting though.

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