Implanting, Hypnotism and Brainwashing

Brainwashing a person by way of convincing him to do something by using persuasion is simply marketing and sales techniques. It is nothing more. Brainwashing does not exist in this sense.

What does exist is mental implanting. This can take the form of hypnosis, but that generally is ineffective in making someone do something that they would not wish to do of their own volition. To get a person to do something against his or her own moral code requires drugs and or pain, along with suggestion. Bringing reason and fear into the phenomena could make an assassin. From the 1950’s to the 1970’s some world government agencies sought how to make this work.

There has been some good material out exposing the work of these agencies, such as: In Search of The Manchurian Candidate by John D Marks 1979. It is worth reading cover to cover, a full expose on the CIA and other US agencies involved in mind-control techniques.

Another recommended book is The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones, by Donald Bain, 1976. It is about how the CIA, through hypnosis and torture, turned a pin-up girl into an unwitting agent who would travel unknowingly to Taiwan, do her work, and return back to the USA to a hypnotic debriefing, and forget all. This is a fascinating read and this technology goes back to the 1960’s.

More recently in the 1980’s there were reports that magnetic waves were used (in pulse form) in the Gulf War 1990-91 with Iraq. Enemy soldiers were reported to have fled from the battle scene after hearing voices of the almighty in their head telling them to run.

Since then we have had microchips no bigger than a pinhead to place in the body. In the non-mainstream media there are reports that physical implants can be woven into the optic nerves, so that they can transmit a signal of the nerve, to a receiver which could get the image of what the person was seeing. And that the operator could then transmit back into the optic nerve by radio, what he wanted the person to see, even if the image was quite crude.

The point here is that mankind is going down this road and it is not much of a jump from there to what is in the NEW-EARTH SERIES.

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