More Water on Mars

This picture is from Google earth. It was taken years ago and it still up there on Google for anyone who might want to check out the coordinates.

What this picture shows is the depth of the water. The water is clear, and not frozen. If you look at the above ground photos and not Google earth the crater has a flat surface and it is not water. But it appears dead flat, indicating it is iced over.

Google Earth was taken a different and warmer time of year.

The top end of the photo show that the clay fines, that are blue, are streaking down into the water. The small crater on the top left looks like it is running off water from the small crater to the larger crater and by doing that it is taking blue fines over its edge and they then go down to the bottom by the edge of the wall of the crater.

The shadow is good in the right hand side as that gives a relative distance of the depth of the crater wall. It this allows you to gauge the crater bottom.

A close up of the lake edge.

There are many many more photos such as these. They are all included in Hunt, book 43 of the Sequetus Sequel.

I can see a surface and a transparency with a fine settling at the lower levels. This is a very large body of water.
One night on Google earth I went searching for these, and found about 20 easily confirmed visual water bodies.

I think this is ice, more than liquid. Bit because it has some transparency, it looks like it was frozen recently.

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