Battle For Sequetus 3 Soundtrack

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Composed and recorded by Tschix

The Sequetus Series Soundtrack, no. 5

This was going to be a hard track to compose, but Tschix does it easily.  There are hundreds of thousand coming to battle out there in our solar system.
It is 1989 Earth time. Goren Torren, the intelligence officer from out there discovered something. That discovery has been reported and it led to an armada to destroy this planet and everyone alive on it.


Sequetus 3 is Earth. After Goren Torren – an agent from out there – finds part is what is going on, with this planet – Earth – those who run this sector decide to dispose of Earth and its inhabitants. The year is 1989. But some from out there disagree. The loss of the billions on Earth is too high a price., They set up a defense line, unknown to those residing on Earth.

And only a few scientists, back on Earth have a slight inkling, as they do see and record the fireworks. But even those who do see it are only able to report it as something small. Yes, there are reports from 1989. This did happen and this is the fictional event. And here is the music. Enjoy it. You will love it.

The music is slow, has the pomposity of two groups standing off from each other as war always does. The grandeur of war is always played high from both sides. This will be no hit and run attack. This is a fight with numbers. Honor is involved, but there is a higher purpose, and that is what will happen is the attack on Earth succeeds. Who will be next? The Universe is not as it was. No one is safe and free groups need to watch for those who were hiding behind false front.

The music goes through the preparations. There are highs and lows. Cruisers explode, and tens of thousand side in minutes as they are vaporized in atomic attacks and their atoms get sucked into space.

But yes, there are the quite times between battle. these are when some will realize they fight, or lose, for a higher purpose. And if they win or lose, their purpose cannot. It must be won by what is refereed to by out there as the greater humanity,.

But war has losers. No one wins. Regardless of the pompous leaders and generals, war is nothing but losers. But the side that dies stand up to oppression is the winner, even if their lose for they all believe they must win again, another day,another sector, another lifetime.

A quarter of a million noble alien lives are lost in the battle, and Earth survives. Herein is the music inspired from the story. This is from the book, Chariots of Sequetus 3.



The music is classical, one minute, then sagely haunting the next. And as battle, sometimes a little unexpected. We hope you can listen and use good imagination and enjoy.

This music is also for those and their loved one whop won or lost in all battles everywhere, for there are no winners.

Composer: Tschix

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Length: 8.04

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