What artificial object orbits predating the Sputnik?

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What artificial object orbits predating the Sputnik?

Black Knight is said to be this object circling over the earth. All photos on this page are from NASA mission STS-88 and can be found freely available on their website.

In 1954 the American media announced that there was an artificial object detected orbiting 400 miles above the earth. Some wondered if it was an observation satellite launched by the Soviets. The Department of Defense stated that they had discovered that it was a derelict piece of the Discoverer satellite gone wrong. This was reported in Time Magazine.

The media at the time announced that the object was possibly two objects, one at 400 miles and another at 600 miles.

By 1957 the object was said to be shadowing Sputnik 1. It was then reported that the object was on a polar orbit, meaning it orbited from pole to pole, something no nation on Earth could do at this time. Data is that the first polar orbit by the Americans was in 1960. Polar orbits are usually for satellites mapping Earth.

The term Black Knight came from the Americans, and named after the British space research attempts known by the same name. From 1958 to 1965 the British sent up 22 rockets in a program named Black Knight. It’s purpose was to test re-entry vehicles. Nothing was put into orbit. The object(s) up there now, singular or plural, are not British.

In the 1960s an object was found again on a polar orbit. Scientists had determined that its weight would be ten tons, and was moving twice as fast as terrestrial made spacecraft. On September 3, 1960 it is reported that the Grunman Aircraft Corporation identified the craft, at its Long Island factory, and photographed it. Soon others were also spotting it in the night sky. A study committee was formed by the Grunman Aircraft Corporation.

In 1960 the US Navy reported a dark tumbling object in an orbit at 79 degrees from the equator with a orbit period of 104.5 minutes. Its distance from the earth ranged in orbit from 134 miles to 1,074 miles.

Gordon Cooper, astronaut, went into space in 1963 and did 22 orbits in a Mercury-Atlas flight. He spotted an object during his final orbit. He has been reported as stating that it glowed green in the front of his own craft and it was getting closer to him. This is disputed by others as not true. He has however since been on record as stating he saw other UFOs. He is however also to have said it was bigger than any man-made object. The tracking station in Australia, Muchea, where Cooper was reporting to, picked up an object different to his craft, but travelling East to West. While an NBC reporter did report this the reporter was forbidden to ask Cooper about the object. The report Cooper is written as officially explained away as “high levels of carbon dioxide, which caused hallucinations.”

Copper passed away in 2004 and had the idea that the US government had been involved covering up something to do with extraterrestrial life visiting Earth.

Duncan Lunan, a Scottish writer of science fiction, examined Norwegian radio data and deduced it came from Epsilon Bootes, a double start system in the Bootes constellation. (Bootes – a Greek meaning Herdsman.) He then withdrew his claim that the signals originated from Bootes 12,600 years ago. Before this he had claimed that the signal had been detected by researchers in the 1920s, who were studying long delayed echo effects. Luncan stated that he had decoded the message in an article he wrote in the British Interplanetary Society’s magazine, Spaceflight. Per him the decoded message is: Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double-star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets have one each. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.

The object photographed in this page were photographed in 1998, and may or may not be the Black Knight of the 1950s. It has been claimed it could be a space blanket. One apparent official report is quoting it as a chair. Of course, if this object is a space blanket or a chair, and it is on a polar orbit, one wonders how it could get there before the Sputnik.

The photos of Black Knight commonly seen on the web, and seen here, were taken in 1998 from the Endeavor space shuttle. and known as mission STS088. The shuttle which photographed it was on a semi-equatorial orbit, as does the International Space Station. As these are not on polar orbits it has been argued that these photographs could not be of an object on a polar orbit. You decide if that is logical.

There is now over 100,000 pieces of debris in space. This is everything from satellites to broken pieces. This space garbage orbits and sometimes decays. The Chinese are reported to developing a net to collect it for bringing it back to Earth. Obviously some of it can be recycled and they might even learn from some of it.

When the US Navy was tracking Discoverer VIII and its outer shell broke off, it was orbiting every 103 minutes but its nearest and furtherest orbits were not the same as other recorded Black Knight orbit.

Gordon Cooper Jr reported a strange object while he circles the earth on his 15th orbit. 100 people witnessed the the radar images of something else up there, while at the tracking station just outside of Perth, Western Australia.

Nicole Tesla, famous Serbian inventor who migrated to the USA and made it on the cover of Time Magazine, was said to have picked up a radio signal that repeated in 1899, and its said he claimed it came from out from space.

Some would suggest that Tesla was picking pulsars from distant stars. Such pulsars were eventually discovered by Joceln Bell-Burnell in 1967. The question is that while such signals may have been able to be picked up in 1967, when there were small computers and transistors, did Tesla really have the technology to pick up signals from distant stars in 1899? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Maybe something a little closer than a far distant star system might be more believable.

Some debunkers argue these objects are blankets or chairs.

The data of Black Knight is varied. The photographs may or may not be the same object reported in the 1950’s and 60’s. It is something, however. It is up there. There have been attempts to explain whatever these objects are, stating they are terrestrial. The object in these photographs may not be on polar orbits. If they are a blanket or chair, you decide.

There are people on the internet who jump to fast conclusions and quickly write what those conclusions are. Yet there are some out there who are just as fast to search out an explanation as to why not. There is also misinformation out there, false information, to dissuade readers in concluding there is more than earthly explanations. Some who do this are professionals dissuading you. They may have their own unstated agenda.

The above is as clear data that can be found. You decide what you think it us.

There may or may not be objects out there circling the earth 400 and 600 miles up. The above articles are from the St. Louis Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner, but the smaller print is more about other UFO activity than the one or two artificial objects reported orbiting overhead.

Nick Broadhurst is a science fiction writer and used the above in his science fiction Sequetus Series.