Captain Kuro’s Melody Soundtrack

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Composed and recorded by Tschix

The Captain Kuro From Mars Series Soundtrack, no. 1

This is a funky gig of a soundtrack. Tschix read the books of Captain Kuro and this is what he came up with.  The tune is fun, and even a little bit eastern.   Listen to it a few times and you will start to definitely feel young again.  And cats love it too.

Tschix is very extraordinary.

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There is one tune that belong’s to captain Kuro.  It might seem funky to some, and uplifting to others.  But is

Kuro is a catlike animal from Mars.  She was a companion to the hero in the last free books of the Sequetus Series.  Well, she survived the ending of that series and now has her own picture book series, and cartoon series.  This music is about here.

She had to land on Earth and find a freind.  It was a bit scary at first.  But after she arrived she knew she had a mission and had to help the people of Earth.  After all, that was what she was doing before she arrived solo.

Only, this time she is back in time. Hmmm…  We have a feeling that will be explained later in the Sequetus Sequel, which is now being written.

Have fun with this one. We hope your kids enjoy it.   There are many great lessons in life here for all children of all ages to read and understand.  Even mum can learn a bit, and so will her cat.  Remember, when you read this, your cat will understand.  Just read it out aloud.  They are also quite spiritual, like the Sequetus Series they sprang from, but for children.



Tschix is a German composer and musician who was inspired by the Sequetus Series.  The above track is an early composition and is undergoing professional recording.

Composer: Tschix

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Length: 4:30

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