Captain Kuro’s Score Soundtrack

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Composed and recorded by Tschix

The Captain Kuro Series Soundtrack, no. 2

This is the score that Tsxhix composed for Captain Kuro. Remember, this picture book series start after the end of the Sequetus Series. And Tschix is clever in portraying that. Note that this is a score, the music that accompanies the events of Captain Kuro as he exists one book series to enter another, bewildered and confused and in trouble.
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Captain Kuro goes through the sadness of the loss of her key freind in the end of the Sequetus series. She then approaches Earth, and had to land. The music bring this home well. Then she is alone,on a far flung planet a long way from home. She knows no one. But then she sees a young boy and there is hope.

Tschix does this well in his well composed score. Then there is when that boy, bring Kuro home to meet his parents. They see only a cat. But for him they need help, as their daughter is sick. Kuro uses telepathy to communicate with others, as all cats do. She helps john’s sister, as she is stuck with a disease, and slowly she heals the disease, as if my magic. The sister is helped and everyone is happy.

The score then continues into the next books. Bravo Tschix! children are soon being healed all over the world as Kuro starts to use her communication skills with telepathy to get the cats to go and heal all the sick children over the world.

The illustration, by MD Hasib Uzerman (Uzzaman), above is of Captain Kuro trying to flee the local school psychiatrist, Doctor Kutzbrain, who insists that she is just imagination,and that if she would also take the same medication he is prescribing her freind, she would vanish forever.



Tschix is a German composer and musician who was inspired by the Sequetus Series. The above track is an early composition and is undergoing professional recording.


Composer: Tschix

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Length: 9:19

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