Captain Kuro’s Song

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A Song For Captain Kuro

The Captain Kuro From Mars Series Soundtrack, no. 3

Songwriter, Nefeli.

Nefeli read the Captain Kuro Series and composed the lyrics of the below song.  The song will be get recorded.
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A Song For Captain Kuro

Captain Kuro has the following song, written by one of her greatest admirers, Nefeli.

Her fur is black
Her suit, is all white & shiny
she’s no cat
She s no pet, you see on this planet
Her touch is soft
And can make you real happy
Quiet talks and you hear
All she says, if you want to
From Mars she comes
And is, what they call a Feellup
Likes to eat likes to purr
But she is also a Captain
She can command
And direct, a whole spaceship
Across the whole universe we see
She has no fear and she is there
When you need her
She is your friend for
Whatever you need her
She was alone
When she came on this planet
She made friends with the birds
And a boy who was sad and lonely
She helped a girl
And all the birds were happy
And the cats and the dogs
And her mom and daddy
The girl now laughs and plays
& She is very healthy
Thanks to what you have done
For her Captain Kuro
You can command
And direct, a whole spaceship
Across the whole universe we see
You know no fear and you’re here
When we need you
You are our friend
For whatever we need
Captain Kuro
Captain Kuro
You are our friend from the universe

Composed: 2015 Dec 02

Nefeli is Greek and lives in Europe.

Songwriter: Nefeli

Release Date: No date

Length: Unrecorded

Size: Unrecorded

Not for sale

Copyright © Nefeli



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