Final Journey Soundtrack

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Composed and recorded by Tschix

The Sequetus Series Soundtrack, no. 17

Final Journey is the last soundtrack of the Sequetus Series.   In the last book there is an ending.  It is here that we must end, for to end, means we area bout to start the first step of a new beginning.  That is how the universe works.  Tschix captures this beautifully.  One conjures up the fleets in space in that last book, making their last one-way journey to where they must go.  Most of the occupants knowing that regardless of all else, win or lose, this last voyage, will be their final journey.
Here is the last book in the series, Galaxy.  We will not give it away, but let us say, the enemy ion the Sequetus Series has never been who it thought, but someone else, far far away.  That far away distance is captured here by Tschix, and millions, mobilize, to save trillions, to travel that final destiny, and this is their final journey.

Tschix takes us there.  Maybe, in a long forgotten past of our own, we have done this and Tsxhix is taking us back there, to where we had gone on our own earlier forgotten journeys.

In some parts, this music is a little eastern. It is uplifting and noble. It does take us to where we are going on our final journey.



Tschix is a German composer and musician who was inspired by the Sequetus Series.  The above track is an early composition and is undergoing professional recording.

Composer: Tschix

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Length: 2:48

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