How To Come Out On Top

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Ever feel like giving up? Ever feel that the pressures on you are too much? Those carping comments aimed at you get you down. Read on and you will learn what is going on and what the solution is.

The reason you feel like that is because someone is trying to squash you down, into giving up. Likely, you are being successful. This success is something that someone else does not want.

There are people who create and make things happen and there are people who destroy and stop others. Even a person who ridicules you has some evil in his nature and conceives you as dangerous to him in some way. He is maybe not even aware that he makes people his enemies by ridiculing them.

So if you feel down, someone wants you to feel that way. Likely you know who that someone is. They may be close to you.

I am not going to advise that you “do not give up.” That is too easy and not enough. I am going to advise what drives those people berserk, who want to squash you down.

You need to flourish and prosper. That is the term used by L. Ron Hubbard in his booklet The Way To Happiness. That is what we call it. You flourish. That means to do really well, bloom at what you set out to do. And keep doing it. Don’t just “not give up”. That is insufficient. Flourish, bloom and succeed in the face of the carping criticism. And by prosper we mean do it really well, excel, and bring the riches of fame, monetary success, and all you deserve to yourself. This eventually drives your opponents down into apathy.

Do not attack your opponent. Instead, just flourish and prosper. If you attack him you are using your energy for a non worthwhile purpose, and that is what your opponent wants, to drain you of energy. He seeks you to use your resources in such a way it distracts you from doing well. So, instead, do the reverse. Flourish and prosper and take all the glory, fame and wealth you deserve.

Sure, those who are critical will come back, and say you should give in. They may even become frantic in their attack. Certainly they will not stop immediately. But if you just keep going, and flourish again, and again, it will be they who give up on trying to stop you. It will they who give it up completely. And if your ambitions are worthy there is no way you will not succeed. This is the way to handle those who want to stop you, laugh at you, and want to do you in. Flourish and prosper. It is pure magic.

Try it. It works. Good luck!

Nick Broadhurst is the author of science fiction books, children’s picture books, and comics. He also writes articles on contemporary philosophy. For a living he is an architect, building contractor, building inspector, and worked in many countries.


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