The Sequetus Series: Earth’s Missing Millenium 1989 – 3059

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Author: Nick Broadhurst

This is the 24 books in one that make the Sequetus series.

“E X R A O R D I N A R Y    S C I E N C E    F I C T I O N…
A    M I N D    B E N D I N G    P L O T…
B L I N D I N G L Y    R E A L….”
A l l   2 4   B o o k s   o f   t h e   s e r i e s ,   i n   t h i s   o n e   d o w n l o a d .

This book took 25,000 hours to write, about 25 years. That is why it is being made available in a format that best represents it, a picture file format. Illustrations further the story. The story must be read.

The below soundtracks can be found in the music section with more information. They are composed by Tschix, after being inspired by this book. They are titled: The Sequetus Series Soundtrack, and Boguard to the Rescue. There are many more soundtracks inspired by these books.

Next, below the image of the book cover, you will find samples of the illustrations in this book. Click on them and explore.

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The planet also has a short-lived population, and instead of the normal 325 years, people from Earth live only 75 years.  There is no explanation for that.  Also, the technology on the planet is advancing way faster than normal self-generated technological advancement.  This is very suspicious.  The planet, a long time back, was said to be a prison planet.  Furthermore, its population has only been there a few thousand years, and the planet is ready to blow itself up. It is 1989 and the Cold War is in full swing.  But why war?  Don’t nations usually solve their disputes, peacefully, unless someone outside has an interest in war?

Without giving the plot away, our officer has to prepare an intelligence estimate on Earth and return.  Will the galaxy out there feel threatened by these short-lived, and fast breeding races of Earth?  What will happen if this version of humanity gets off their planet?  The first few books are to build the reader’s universe.  They get you familiar with the characters.

Then in the fourth book, Magi, the plot kicks off, and you better hold your hat.  Here is where you get introduced to telepathy, telekinesis; and even if you do not believe it, it exists, and it is in this book.  To have faster than light speed travel, one needs to work out exactly how can a person and ship travel faster than light.  There is a way, and that is outlined in the story, but also in the later books.  Plus, to do this, it is needed to look at what is the physical universe, and what is its true makeup.

To be exact, the author reconstructs space and its so-called vacuum, and what it really is, and the properties that space has.  It is not nothing. Space isn’t just nothing.   The current models used by science just do not quite fit, so this is taken up in what is termed Broadmatter Theory.


Next is time-travel, and this is introduced to the reader in several stages.  The first form of time-travel is to be able to project oneself to an earlier or later time to when one is, so as to alter one’s mind in that other time.  This is déjàvu.  Next is to take one’s body through time itself.  This then needs a reexamination of how the universe works, and how this can work with time.  So, with all this nutted out, as well as how to access these otherwise very above normal human abilities, the background is set for our character to solve what ails not only Earth but every major civilization out there in the Galaxy.

As to the story, it could have you weeping one moment and laughing the next.  Some of it is bloody, as space opera is just that.  The story spans over a thousand years.  The characters are very real, so let the author build up their worlds around you. It is an excellent yarn with a brilliant plot.  This story has never been told. It is absolutely unique.  So, enjoy it.


There are hundreds of illustrations and maps, a large glossary, with pages of references and notes in the back matter.



GENRE: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

RELEASED: 2014 Jun 26


LENGTH: 4,479 Pages

PUBLISHER: Sequetus Publishing

SELLER: Sequetus Publishing

SIZE: PDF – 49.3 MB    XPS – 44.7 MB








This book has an extensive system of Footnotes, Glossary, End Notes, and Illustrations.  For more information, and why it was developed, please follow the link.  Use the system well.


The files sold here are picture files formats.  They are pdf (portable document file) and xps (XML paper specification, and xml means extensive markup language).  Xps files are Microsoft that work on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.  Xps give a slightly better clarity, has a better return function after visiting a page, and is a slightly smaller file.  If your reader cannot access it, please discard the file.  But both files are sent to you and provide the experience the author wants you to have.  A lot of work has gone into the layout.  There are hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, maps and so on.


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