There’ Lots of Water on Mars

There is water in Mars. It is not just a few drops, but significant and in liquid form. The following photographs show water is even flowing. The photos are from the Mars Curiosity Rover on its way through Gale Crater during its travels to Mount Sharp.

The comments on the water and each photo are as follows. In the earlier page, on Mars Anomalies, there are many photos of water in craters on Mars. On this page the intention is to show water is flowing, and there may be a form of rain, such as a drenching mist, where these photographs were taken.

With regards the Gale Crater it should be understood that the crater is very low, and will tend to have its own micro climate, and just because there is evidence of flowing water in this crater, it does not mean the same can be said for elsewhere.

As to life on Mars, once there is water, yes, it is highly probable. There has always been evidence of it, such as formaldehyde and methane in the atmosphere, and low level life can live off carbon dioxide, as there are the right minerals in the rocks needed.

The photograph shows in the distance what appears to be a body of water. It is blue. However, that is not the important part of the photo, as the distance is not clear. Have a look at the puddles in the foreground though. They have a dark brown shadow on them at the top of the puddle, but they have a paler brown reflection below the shadow. Further to the left is another puddle, with a shadow and again the reflection of the brown rock behind it. The water is a coffer brown. From the centre puddle one can see that it has been running from left to right, as the water gradually trickles down hill. If you blow the photo up about 450% it is easier to see the water course around the small stones as it makes its way to the right.

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