Nick Broadhurst – His Story Writing

Nick was a young project engineer on a large city fifty-five story construction job in Melbourne in 1989.
He would write the stories by hand at night, until he really needed to sleep, then go off to work in the morning. He lived in an apartment only minutes walk from the construction site.
At work he would get ideas for the next chapters streaming through his mind, and could not wait to get home to write them down.  He had no idea where the story went until pen hit paper otherwise.
So it meant that his writing was a fast paced way to get a exhilarating sci fi ride through an amazing story. He couldn’t explain it until much later. To him it seemed like he was being dictated the story. And today, it is still the same.
Nick and Sandy in Kathmandu.
Nick Broadhurst is an Australian. 
He began writing his books in 1989 with pen and paper.   Then he typed the stories on a computer which was booted by a 5 1/2″ disc. 
His first stories were handwritten, in Australia, until he could afford an Amstrad computer.  In those early days each 5 1/2″ floppy disk could store about twenty pages of text data. No more.
Nick went to Japan in 1992 and continued building the stories, year after year, until self-publishing came about decades later.  The internet became his launching pad.

Nick has lived and worked in Australia, Japan, USA and worked and traveled in dozens of countries around the world.

Nick wrote the Sequetus Series as a passion, starting in earnest while managing a construction project in Australia, in 1989.   He wondered why there was war, hate, conflict, people being slaughtered, and did UFO’s exist?  And what about the dozen theories of our planetary history that seemed to be getting tromped on.  He could see a pattern.  So decided in 1989 to start writing a fictional account of what he had read, and that was how it started, in 1989.

Nick moved to Japan in 1992 where he wrote books 9 – 14.  Books 15 – 23 were written more recently in Western Australia.

After the Sequetus Series, Nick wrote the Captain Kuro From Mars series of twelve children’s picture books.  That branched out into comic strips too.   The artist who illustrated the picture books decided to turn those into a comic magazine.  Mostly Captain Kuro was written and produced in around 2015 – 19 while Nick was in Australia and Nepal.  In 2019 Nick began the expansion of the Sequetus Series, known as the Sequetus Sequel.

A lot of what Nick writes about he draws upon first-hand. He has never stopped wondering.

Nick recalls his first major life-adventure was to climb a string of mountains in Papua New Guinea in 1970.  That was before university, where he completed a Bachelor Degree of Architecture.  Since then, he worked in many countries, two of them in civil war.

During semester breaks at university Nick worked in the Australian outback. There he had time at night to read, and developed a taste for science fiction books. In all his travels, his fiction books always went with him either reading or writing.

The book reading got to a point in 1989 where the best of the classics were all read.  The only thing Nick thought left to do, was write.

He started with the story Advance on Sequetus 3, solidly setting the stage for what was to come.   The books built upon each other, to a spiritual science fiction zenith in the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.

More can be found about these books on the sister sites of, and the earlier site

Nick has been to and in: Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Bahrain, Jordan, South Africa, United States, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, North Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Austria, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.

Hasib Uzzaman – Art and Illustrations

Hasib graduated fine arts in Bangladesh.
He worked at H Studio in Dharka, Bangladesh.
MD Hasib Uzzaman lives in Bangladesh.  Nick came across Hasib when he was doing gigs for  Through that contact they wrote and illustrated the first few books of Captain Kuro from Mars.

Hasib left Fiverr, and Nick had to search the web for him, and finally after a long search, they joined forces again.

As a graduate of fine arts, Hasib, draws upon his passion – Art -he loves it. He is a dedicated professional. That is not to say that Hasib has not been in the business world, for he has. He was once the executive of a successful company.

The second book in the Captain Kuro From Mars Series is set in Bangladesh, so in that book you get to get a feel for Hasib’s homeland.  Hasib helped Nick with much of the story here.

The Himalayan Mountains also back onto Bangladesh, and really Hasib is only hours away by car, or less by plane.  And yes, the leopards, panther, elephants, and Royal Bengal Tiger are all native to his country. So he paints them well.

Tschix – Creation with Rhythm and Tune

Tschix is a composer and instrumentalist.
Tschix was introduced to Nick by Tschix’s wife, who just so happened to proofread Nick’s early paper manuscripts of the Sequetus Series in Japan, in 1993. Her name is Nefeli and she is the song-writer in the Captain Kuro Song.

Tschix was introduced to the Sequetus Series via Nefeli.  Tschix then composed and created music that matched the books.  If one listens to each of the tracks, and reads what the tracks are accompanying, one can glimpse the brilliance of Tschix.  That is why each of the music soundtracks on this site has an accompanying book description.  See the music Soundtrack page.  And, Tschix is not the musicians real name. Artists often like to use other names. Authors use pen names and so on.

Many Others Helped

There were many who helped in different ways.

Some helped on the first website: Some helped on Illustrations, some with legal, some translations, some advice. The list is big and spans decades. See

And for the common threads, see

There have been many who helped in the creation of the Sequetus Series and the Captain Kuro from Mars series.

For the list of all their names one should see which has all the people who helped.  The amount of hours would total into thousands of hours. The three listed above are the artists.  There were many others who helped along the way.

But in saying that there are two who stand out above all others and that is the proofreader, Candessa, who read the all books three times.  Her comments were brilliant.  She could see humor that Nick had otherwise not seen when he was writing.  And she noted that as one read the books a second and third time, there were details in the later books that only truly were understood by reading the early books again. And that is true as that was how they were to be read.

The other to thank is Sei, Nick’s second wife, a Japanese national, who also proofread all the materials.  Her comments were invaluable.  Plus she helped on illustrations. Her advice was good.

Then there were of course the translators, and in particular Amar and Anu and Bimala. These three did the entire Captain Kuro Series into Nepali as well as the Comic Strip Series. And of course there were many dozens of others.

The Urdu translator was Arshad, and he was great in his work.

Follow life
In 60 languages
45 Book Series

Why is this the Best Sci Fi Series Ever?

1. 30 Years to write
I have spent about 27,000 hours making this series.  That includes my time, and the time of all the others involved.  See for all those involved.  The team has been big.

2. I have life as my Mentor
I have lived and traveled to 45 countries and principalities in my years. So actually do not exist now. But I was there. That includes many different social and economic systems. I even went and visit Soviet Eastern Block countries before their fall.

3. Meet all walks of life
I have met with royals, including one king, attended banquets of presidents and prime ministers. Even had lunch with Mahatma Ghandi’s grandson.

4. I went to special English classes.
After graduating university with by 6 years Bachelor degree of Architecture, I  attended courses on writing and English. In 2019 I even successfully completed a term on Sanskrit study at a university in Kathmandu. The Mother of All Languages has more keys top the past than you can imagine, and it is written in the script of Language of the City of the Gods – Devanagari.

5. I have experienced many cultures on many levels.

I have spent many years volunteering in all cultures, top to bottom. I have lived and volunteered in civil-war zones for more than a total of a year. I have spent more than 150 nights in the Australian and New Guinea bush and jungle. So much I write about I have experience of. And that, unfortunately, includes seeing great swaths of death at natural disaster sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The books are written in such a way to raise IQ and general spiritual awareness of a person. I learned from a program I had put together that a person could raise his IQ if he went about it a certain way. So, these books present you information in a certain order and you become brighter.  Maybe you will not agree – but I suggest – read the books. This is a big claim.

I learned it in the field, in war areas, and put what I learned about this into practice. Basically, people are confused about many things in life. In my books I offer tangible and interesting concepts. As the reader mulls over these ideas, he clears away things in his mind and gets brighter. But while I tested this with IQ tests in programs I was doing in war zones, I have not tested by IQ tests the before and after reading of these books. Not yet.

I am concerned that the world is dying, and while people fight wars over things that only appease people pulling the strings, people need to know who is doing what. The vest way is to get the information to the children and their parents.

No. I do have an inquiring mind. I am also a student of Scientology and have been for many years. It is a study of knowledge that can help people in all walks of life. It helps me help others. But anyone can do it.

I foresee 53 in total at this stage.

A big opportunity, an Angel.

Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to aks us.