Antarctica Again for Sci Fi

The reason for this page is that the first book in the second miniseries details being under the ice in the Antarctic.

In particular is Admiral Byrd, who took a fleet down to the Antarctic in 1947, including an aircraft carrier and four thousand troops, called Operation High Jump. He and his plane went missing and when he finally returned he supposedly had stories of being held by a force greater than humanity, which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. The story goes that much of his fleet was destroyed in less than a week of fighting. He left, with the remnants of his fleet, and gave an interview to a Chilean newspaper, which reports on the extraterrestrial activity.

He then is reported to have briefed his superiors. Byrd died in 1959. If the above was true, he made no further mention to the public of his encounter. His superior, James Forrestral, was Secretary of the Navy and then Secretary of Defense. He died in 1949 in a psychiatric hospital, suffering a 16 story fall, apparently wrapped in a sheet, possibly with a cord wrapped around his neck. The official report from the investigation into his death has not been released. He has been reported to have been vocal on what Byrd discovered in the Antarctic and that the public needed to know.

In all this, you be the judge, but the concept of the above runs well through the first miniseries, such as in the Silent Enemy. Those researchers who worked hard to find this data are thanked for their inspiration.

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