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Is Mars Water Really Gone?

The rivers and flow lines scared into the surface of Mars are well known and documented. If you look at these photos it's is evident that something that looks like water is on the Martian surface. Water is a common element in this solar system. Mars has been thought to have had many water courses which dried up, as in...
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What artificial object orbits predating the Sputnik?

What artificial object orbits predating the Sputnik? Black Knight is said to be this object circling over the earth. All photos on this page are from NASA mission STS-88 andRead More
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What Do We Not Know of The Moon?

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What is the Zone Of Silence?

The Zone of Silence, Mexico Called the Zone, or the Zone of Silence, it was reported first discovered in 1930's when Francisco Sarabia flew a plane over the northern Mexican state of Coahuila and his radio ceased working. The region later gained notoriety when a missile was fired from White Sands Missile Base in nearby New Mexico. The missile missed...
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Who are the Assyrians really?

Who are the Assyrians really The Assyrian Kings reigned over what is present day northern Iraq. There were seven demigods (hybrid births of part god and part human) created by the god Enki. These demigods were rulers of Sumer before the flood. They were seen as fish-like beings giving mortal man his moral codes, arts and crafts. They were said...
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Why is the moon not what it seems?

The maria is the dark smooth solid molten rock of the moon surface. It is mainly on the near side of the moon and covers the older cratered surface. | Source The moon is a mystery. The Apollo program landed on the moon six times between 1969 and 1972. They brought back 892 pounds of rock and soil samples. The...