Mission Impossible – Amy’s Song Soundtrack

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Composed and recorded by Tschix

The Sequetus Series Soundtrack, no. 12

Some things seem impossible, yet they absolutely must be done. This take us to a part of the Sequetuis Series, to the Templar Ministeries and the Juggernaut Miniseries. Almost all these books are about Amy, and how she came from nowhere, a force that was hit by an unseen enemy, but who awoke to thefire within her to overcome any mission that wasdeemed impossible.

They hurt Amy. They took all her family, killed all her freinds. And why? She was from Earth lineage. She was a short-lifer, in a galaxy of long-lifers, where intolerance of the short-lived Earth species of many was reaching new intolerable levels.

But who is feeding that intolerance, that fear, to make that rage so killing innocent people is no more a consequence than pulling weeds from a garden. Yes, that analogy was used.

Amy is on the rampage to find who destroyed her planet and who is responsible for bring the galaxy to oppress her Earth religion, called the Temple. The religion was first taught by Goren Torren a millenium ago. Now there are forces to wipe it out. Her parents were Templars and they were good people. Why did this enemy do this, really. Her parents and those like them were good people.

But out-there are also good people. They know that a person’s life-span is no reason to inflict pain. Man is a spirit. They know that too.

Well, now she is on fire. She survived their attacks. Her mission seems impossible. This song was inspired, and this is for her.



Tschix is a German composer and musician who was inspired by the Sequetus Series. The above track is an early composition and is undergoing professional recording.

Composer: Tschix

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Length: 2:30

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Copyright © Tschix



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