Into Space Soundtrack

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Composed and recorded by Tschix

Into Space was a request by the author.  It is a bit fun, and quite real. See what you think.  It is short, but the track captures the complexity, the novelty of travel, and the wistfulness of those going back into space.
This is a funky small soundtrack. The author asked Tschix for this.  What could represent all those long and lonely hours of solitude in space?  What could one do to represent it, and the efforts to relieve that boredom?

This track was a great reply, and novel and one can now imagine the hours passing as one travels those long distances, alone or with company.  It does not seem that lonely, now.  This is very clever.

If you listen to the track and look at the associated picture, you will also realize that those who do go into space yearn for it.  It is an adventure to be off from the planets. It is a natural place that certain people love to go back to.

Yes, there is solitude but for many, that is the joy of being in space, and something to look forward to.



Tschix is a German composer and musician who was inspired by the Sequetus Series.  The above track is an early composition and is undergoing professional recording.


Composer: Tschix

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Length: 4:02

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Copyright © Tschix


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